AT&T Trek HD Tablet is free with a 2-Year commitment of $10 a month.  The new Apple iPhone X is now available.


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Hours of Operation:
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Running a Smarter Fleet

Using the right technology is key to managing mobile workforces. That's why we offer workforce automation and fleet management solutions that are designed to streamline your business. Pair them with a reliable wireless network to eliminate unnecessary paperwork with ease.

Fleet of Trucks

Workforce Automation

Create a more efficient, cost-effective workforce by utilizing space-saving tablets. You and your employees will be able to send and receive work orders electronically and automatically if desired, as well as track truck locations, check job statuses, and more.

Fleet Management

At OUTERBRIDGE Industries, we keep track of all of your company's vehicles using transponders. Located on the bottom of the trucks, they allow us to see where they go and how fast they're traveling. You'll also be able to track idling time, the number of times the doors open and close, and more. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities with an expert.